Taming the Tiger
The Story of the India General Service Medal 1908?1935
Richard G.M.L. Stiles

Includes Medal Rolls and Rolls of Honour

This volume provides detailed descriptions of the twelve campaigns for which the India General Service Medal 1908-1935 was awarded ? North West Frontier 1908; Abor 1911-12; Afghanistan North West Frontier 1919; Mahsud 1919-20; Waziristan 1919-21; Malabar 1921-22; Waziristan 1921-24; Waziristan 1925; North West Frontier 1930-31; Burma 1930-32; Mohmand 1933; North West Frontier 1935.

Also the Medal Rolls of the British Army and Royal Air Force are published for all officer entitlements, all multi-clasp recipients, and all personnel of units present in less than battalion strength ? in all, a total of more than 14,000 names (civilians included). Recipients of single-clasp medals who served with regiments and units present in full strength are not included, partly because of the sheer volume of names and partly because verification of these medals on the original rolls is not so complex.

The many difficulties of using the original rolls and on-line versions are explained in the Introduction. Hence the published rolls in this book make it straightforward for collectors and military historians to check officer, multi-clasp and ?odd men? entitlements to the India General Service Medal 1908?1935. The degree of rarity of medals for any given campaign clasp(s) to individual regiments or units (including the Royal Air Force) is specified.

In addition, this volume includes: Rolls of Honour for the British Establishment; Orders of Battle for the British and Indian Establishments with the names of Commanding Officers; and many previously unpublished photographs.

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2012 - Hardback, 496 pages, b&w photographs
ISBN 9781902366517